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Direct Selling is the key 
to developing a successful
 Mobile Dry Cleaning Business


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Advertising is big business and can be effective, but if used improperly, is money wasted. Most likely, your budget is going to be very limited and you want your advertising to produce the most results for the money spent. Consequently, under no circumstances, should you invest large amounts of money into advertising your new business unless you can know for certain that the methods you use will produce the desired results.  

Self advertising and direct selling are the keys to successfully and economically developing a Mobile Dry Cleaning Business. However, if you wish to accelerate your marketing program, weekly local publications (e.g. local newspapers), mail packets, bulk mailings, flyer distribution, and local radio or cable stations are some of the vehicles at your disposal.  In Addition, you can strategically place signs advertising your services in cooperating store windows or counters and on community bulletin boards throughout the marketing area.  

Chapter IV of The Mobile Dry Cleaning Business Manual  identifies the most productive and cost effective advertising applicable to a Mobile Dry Cleaning Business. Income producing and customer gathering themes, promotions and sales literature are also published in the The Hangout - the MDCSP monthly newsletter. These recommendations are presented to aid in the design and layout of advertising material, for the portrayal of bonafide offers, and as templates for those who find it difficult to design their own advertising literature.

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