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77.3% of the population 
used coupons in the year 2000


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The Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual includes samples and layouts of actual coupons, circulars, small brochures, and sales letters that will get you orders. Sales literature that will help you with the design and layout of advertising material, the portrayal of bonafide offers and templates for those who find it difficult to design their own advertising literature

Everywhere you look, you see coupon advertising.  According to the Promotion Marketing Association’s (PMA) Coupon Council, 77.3% of the population used coupons in the year 2000.

Today, if you don’t offer coupons or incentives, you run the risk of having your customer or prospect migrate to other businesses that do. Businesses repeatedly offer sales, coupons, and other incentives in an attempt to create traffic and draw the spending customer to their service or product. In the past, the purpose for a discount or sale was to move merchandise during slow business cycles or to make room for newer lines. While that is still true today, coupons and discounts have also become effective tools used to promote instant and repeat patronage.

Bulk mailers, printing firms, or graphic designers, can help design an effective coupon, or with a good desktop publishing program, you can design your own.

When designing your coupon offer, target existing customers as well as new prospects. There was a time when business owners resisted giving regular customers discounts thinking, “They already use our service, why give profits away needlessly?”  But, if you don’t diligently promote your service to your customer and offer a reward for his or her loyalty, someone else will. In today’s business environment, keeping the customer has become as important as getting the customer.

Coupons can be targeted to specific offers. Discounts on high profit services such as leather & suede garments, wedding gowns, household items, etc. can be offered to customers and prospects alike, while, on the same coupon, a cleaning discount can specifically target new customers.

Don't let the fear of not knowing effective advertising policies deter you from starting a Mobile Dry Cleaning Business.  When it comes to designing your advertising, the MDCSP is there to guide you.

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