The world is full of millionaires
and many of them are drycleaners

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  The Mobile Dry Cleaner Success Program  

The MDCSP includes:

  • The Mobile Dry Cleaning Manual  A step-by step plan for forming, launching, and operating a Mobile Dry Cleaning Business.  Here you will find advice for: negotiating with the drycleaner, advertising your business, finding your customers, keeping thorough records, expanding and growing your business, and customer service techniques. The Manual helps you develop your managerial, sales and marketing skills.

  • A Mobile Dry Cleaning monthly newsletter packed with marketing information, customer service tips, advertising advice, and industry related articles . You will also find fabric care and stain removal tips all targeted at making you a more informed entrepreneur thus instilling a high degree of customer confidence in your expertise.

  • The Hangout The Mobile Dry Cleaning monthly newsletter packed with Mobile Dry Cleaning advice, customer service tips, advertising ideas, fabric care and stain removal information and industry related articles . 

  • The Cleaning Room  a password protected discussion group giving you the opportunity to talk with and question the author and other Mobile Dry Cleaning owners about their techniques and methods.

  • Coupons, flyers, monthly promotions, and referral rewards that you can use time and time again. 

  • Quality control tips to assist you to insure your customers are receiving the best product and service possible.

  • Suggestions and advice for expanding to other markets and promoting high profit services.

  • E-mail support to answer your questions or assist with troubling situations that may arise.

  • Use of the name, the Mobile Dry, prefixed by your personal or business name. e.g. Ed- The Mobile Dry, or Atlas cleaners - the Mobile Dry, etc.

  • Free updates  on all manual changes or additions.

  • A list of National and State Trade Organizations and Suppliers

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 Owning your own business and being your own boss is not for everyone, but for those who desire this rewarding challenge, there can be no greater satisfaction.


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