Knowledge is of two kinds. 
We know a subject ourselves,
 or we know where we can 
find information upon it."
Samuel Johnson

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About The Author      

Gerald "Jerry" Hill has been in the dry cleaning industry for most of his working career. His career started as part-time employment at the age of twelve and he worked in the industry through high school and later to meet tuition requirements at LaSalle College, now LaSalle University, in Philadelphia, PA.

During his college years he left the industry to work at Rohm & Haas, a chemical corporation.  However, after his graduation he returned to the dry cleaning industry and joined his family in the retail drycleaning business and began working in pick-up & delivery sales operating his own retail route.  After a year, he became a route supervisor, overseeing three routes and eventually became route manager with eight pick-up and delivery routes under his supervision. From route manager he was transferred to inside operations and eventually became general manager of the entire production and sales departments. In this capacity, he assumed responsibility for production, all sales including, retail location, route operations, commercial accounts and hotel/motel services.

Jerry eventually left the family firm to begin his own drycleaning business and purchased a retail drycleaning operation with a store location and eight retail pick-up and delivery routes.  During the next twelve years he increased sales over 500% expanding from eight delivery routes to eighteen.

Then one fateful day, his world crumbled around him.  Illness struck and an impending disaster emerged.

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