The Mobile Dry Cleaning Business is a dynamic yet uncomplicated service business. It is a mature, time-tested, profitable business with a simple concept – pick-up and deliver drycleaning to busy individuals at their homes or offices.

The Mobile Dry Cleaning Business is the vehicle that can help make you rich. You are now your own boss. Accept that responsibility and you can reap many rewards: financially, personally, and socially.

A major benefit of owning a Mobile Dry Cleaning Business is its ease set-up and high profits. Simply perform the following 6 steps and you are ready to start your new business. If you feel you have sufficient business knowledge, this program will provide enough information to help you begin operations immediately.  However, The Mobile Dry Cleaner Manual explores these basics in much greater detail and introduces an in-depth study for operating and marketing a successful mobile dry cleaning business. 

To get started immediately you should:

1.       Have a delivery vehicle (a van or SUV is preferable).
2.      Contract with a dry cleaner to do your drycleaning and pressing
3.      Gather a few supplies (mostly from items you already have at home),
4.      Establish your prices.
5.      Find your customers.
6.      Begin earning cash!



Unless you live in a high-density area, a large apartment building, a condominium, and are within steps of your selected dry cleaner, you must have, at the least, an automobile.  The ideal vehicle is a cargo van but, during the start-up phase, an automobile is sufficient.  Once you establish your business, you can purchase a van with your profits.


Contracting a Dry Cleaner

  Your next consideration is finding a dry cleaner to do your cleaning and pressing. If you are presently using a local drycleaner and/or know one who is willing to work with you and help get you started, use his or her services.  When working with others, it helps when you are affiliated with someone you know and trust.  The drycleaner can also provide you with needed supplies.

  If you are not familiar with a dry cleaner, check your telephone directory for a list of dry cleaners in your area. Contact them and ask if they offer wholesale dry cleaning. Do they provide a complete package, (tagging garments for identification, drycleaning, pressing, and packaging), what additional services do they provide, and what do they charge per item. 

  After surveying several dry cleaners, choose the one who offers:

Gathering your Supplies

  A local dry cleaning supply house can furnish all your necessary supplies.  To find a supply house in your area, refer to your telephone directory under the “cleaners-supplies” category.  If you are attempting to start on a shoestring, you can find the majority of needed supplies in your own home or at an office supply retailer.

  To start, you will need:

Establish your price

  Doubling the cost of drycleaning is the simplest way to establish your price.  Most wholesale prices will be set at approximately half of the going rate for your particular marketing area.  If you are not sure which is the best pricing policy to pursue, ask the drycleaner doing your work for his advice, or survey the retail prices of the drycleaners in your targeted market and structure your prices similar to theirs.  You will find that while prices vary among dry cleaners a specific price range will emerge for similar garments in comparable markets. Another method is to calculate your costs for each item and add the desired profit ratio to determine retail prices.

  Many dry cleaners offer special discounts to entice traffic to their stores while others rely on convenient location, service and quality. Studies have shown that the two foremost reasons for choosing a dry cleaner are convenience and pricing respectively.   A Mobile Dry Cleaning Business satisfies both reasons, so choose your pricing wisely, but choose profitably.

Find Your Customers

  Simply find your customers!  At this point, you are probably saying, “I knew there was a catch. Another of those “go and sign up everybody-you-see deals.”  If it were that easy, the world would be overrun with millionaires.  Well, it can be that easy, but like any other business, customers are not going to fall from the sky simply because you created and formed a commercial entity.

You must let your prospects know you exist.  Talk to your friends, relatives, and neighbors.  Tell them of your service.  Offer to be of assistance to them.  Most will try what you offer and once they see what you can do, will be pleased to recommend you to their friends or acquaintances.

Further increase your customer base by distributing flyers and business cards in your own neighborhood followed up by face-to-face contact. You are more inclined to understand the market in which you live and, since you live in the same community, your neighbors, even though they don’t know you personally, are more inclined to relate to your services.

Let me assure you, personal contact with prospects produces results.  Not everyone you approach will become a customer, but the law of averages will apply and persistent action will return positive results.


Begin Earning Cash

  Feel the excitement!  You are ready to go!  After you find your customers, take their soiled garments to the drycleaner, return the completed order, collect your money, and count the profit!


I Can Teach You All You Need To Know About Making Money
In This Often Overlooked Opportunity


Does all this sound too good to be true? It isn’t! The Mobile Dry Cleaner Manual contains all the information necessary to help you through the set-up and operation of your Mobile Dry Cleaning Business.

You will learn:

· How to start your Mobile Dry Cleaning Business
· How to negotiate with a dry cleaner
· What services to offer your customers
· What supplies are needed and where to find them
· How to price for profit and remain competitive
· How to find and keep your customers

 Other topics discussed are:
· How to stay ahead of the competition
· How to determine and satisfy your customers’ needs
· Inexpensive advertising
· Planning for tomorrow
· Meeting Federal, State, and Local requirements.

Chapter I describes the steps to take for immediate start-up and what it takes to get your Mobile Dry Cleaning Business running.

Chapters II, III, IV, and V assist you with business plans, operations, Marketing, growth, and planning for tomorrow.

 And finally, Chapter VI describes a Mobile Dry Cleaner’s typical day, suggestions for registering your business, recommended professional services, trade organizations, and final thoughts.

The principles and methods described in this manual work — they have been tried and tested. Rely on your determination, practice the required discipline and you will be postured for success.

That is how easy it is to start and operate your Mobile Dry Cleaning Business 
There are principles and guidelines to follow and The Mobile Dry Cleaner Manual will acquaint you with those principles and practices. 

  What Others Have Said

   Just wanted to let you know we got the account with the hotel!! Your tips were right on time. We'll be doing all their dry cleaning and laundry at 20% as you suggested. They already have bags and pre-printed forms, so everything's in place.
One last thing I was wondering is should I make them sign a contract for a certain length of time? Or just go month to month?

Thanks again,
Derrick. FL

Sir, this is the best information I have read or even saw on this business......I thank God that this Manual is available to new up and coming business owners.....Thanks again.....Our doors open for service June 2010.......We have two businesses and 18 committed customers already....one church is straddling the fence on us but I think the choir director will seal the deal once he gets back next week.....Thanks

Thanks so much for the informative manual you sent out to us in December. We have researched purchasing a franchise specifically for Dry Cleaning
delivery, and through that process ran across your website. Thankfully, I
think we can say you have saved us 20+ grand!

...Joanie F
San Jose, CA


"...We're gaining 1 to as many as 7 new customers per day, and this in the face of two local competitors (Sav-U-Time, a local in parternship with a dry cleaners called Master Kleen, and a Pressed-4-Time franchise operator), neither of which get to my dry cleaning and shirt service price point.  Adding the coupons to the handout helps a lot, and we're keeping the "try me" first-timers.  In offices, particularly car dealers and medical offices, a herd thing is happening...Well, sir, I just wanted to let your know your assistance and knowledge are being used as fully as I am able, and I believe our prospects are improving rapidly... Thank you again for your attention and help to my still tiny but promising enterprise."...

...Dave S.
Greensboro, NC


I took my "bags" to the two customers who wanted to sign up, and they both wanted their cleaning done right away, so I have three
orders sitting in my living room, that need to get
done before tomorrow afternoon! I'm as proud as a
first time Mom! I mentioned to them the "referral"
coupon and my first customer said that she "loves"
doing referrals! She said she "loved" my service!
Pretty cool! Boy, that feels good

...Lynette H
Spokane, WA

Your suggested "spiel" helped me tremendously. By knowing what to say, exactly, it lets me get over being nervous. I had a few people say - "boy, you're good". One guy today jokingly offered to let me clean
his running jacket for free - I said we would, but he

...Kim W.
Wrightstown, PA

Thanks so much for writing - and spending time on my
flyer. I LOVE what you've done with it! I had changed
the heading to the "don't have time to stop line" - but
I like this one better. It stands out and makes people
read it more!

Thank you for all your words of wisdom! It is always
very, very helpful and we both very much appreciate

...Wayne H
Lakeland, FL

Hi there,  we received the manual and it is great!  We really appreciate the info....

Jennifer R
Moreno Valley, CA

I had the franchise before I purchase the manual  I found the information very helpful in the manual.
I 'am always trying to find new way to increase business.

...Kevin N.
W. Leechburg, PA

THANKS ! Yep, the joy is a flowing! It is great
to get a customer! GUESS WHAT! I used your techniques
of going with a dry cleaned item and offering to clean
an item for free - and the first person I tried it on,

...Kathy L.
Flourtown, Pa

You have no idea how appreciative I am of your not only quick, but detailed responses

Charles B
Oceanside, NY

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Acknowledgements, Disclaimers, and Notices

  HOW TO START A MOBILE DRYCLEANING BUSINESS and THE QUICK START PROGRAM was developed thanks to the efforts and advice of Gerald P. Hill.  Mr. Hill has forty years experience in the drycleaning industry, is a retired owner-operator of two drycleaning plants, four pick-up & delivery routes and former general manager of dry cleaning plant servicing a retail location, Laundromat, eight delivery routes and three hotel/motel locations.

While this is an attempt to identify many of the requirements and concerns that apply to starting and operating a Mobil Dry Cleaning Business, it is not guaranteed that this manual is complete. The contents of this manual reflect the author’s views acquired through his experience in the drycleaning profession.  This is no attempt to render any legal information or advice. The information found here does not relieve the reader of the duty to ascertain what laws apply to their activities or the manner in which they must comply with those laws. Professional legal, financial, and/or accounting services are highly recommended.  All requirements and other information are subject to change. Results and sales figures are not guaranteed and may be higher or lower than those represented depending on individual efforts and markets.

All rights reserved.  No part of this manual or information contained here-in may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means graphic, electronic, or mechanical without written permission from the publisher.

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C. E. Hill